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 Stone No. 1470



NICOL GODIN's Monument

Generosae indolis puer, Nicolaus Godinus, natione Gallus, filius Nicolai Godini mercatoris & Judith Duefur, civium oppidi Haverdegrace in Gallia, a parentibus in Scotiam missus: cum in littus Scoticanum appulisset, confestim febre correptus obiit, die 4to mensis Februarii anno 1648. cum vixisset annos 13, & mensis 10.




Nicol Godin, a boy of a generous disposition, by nativity a Frenchman, son to Nicol Godin merchant and Judith Duefur, burgesses of the town of Haverdegrace in France, sent by his parents into Scotland, as soon as he arrived on the Scottish shoar, was presently snatcht away by a fever, 4 February 1648, when he had lived 13 years and 10 months.