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 Stone No. 1456



DAVID ZEMAN, &c. Monument

Parentibus dilectissimis, David Zeman mercatori, notæ integritatis viro ; necnon Margaretæ Puræ, uxori amantissimæ; Patricius Zeman mercator, filius, hoc monumentum cædendum curavit parentavitque. Pater decessit die 4 mensis Maii, anno 1654 Ætatis suæ 48, master vero 31 Decembris 1669.

Davidis est tumulus Zemani; ubi sede quiescit

Hac placide, & charæ conjugis ossa jacent;

Sobrius ut prudens, dictis jucundus amænis,

Innocuus, nota est intaminata fides.

Vita deoque placens ; uxoris maxima cura,

Usque viri cupiens stringere signa pedum ;

Nunc cœlo gaudent : animos ubi nulla fatigat

Cura, sed est lux, pax, gloria, plena quies.

To his most bloved parents, David Zeman merchant,

a man of known integrity; as also to Margaret Pourie,

his most loving wife: Patrick Zeman merchant, their son, caused this monument to be erected.

They died as above.

This David Zeaman`s tgomd; wherein he lies,

With his dear wife, in grateful obsequies;

Sober and wise, he pleasant in his talk,

Faithful and harmless in his holy walk;

His life did please the Lord: his wife`s great care

Was, how to follow his example rare:

Now both, in heav`n enjoy eternal rest,

In light and glore, where no care doth molest.