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 Stone No. 1458




Jacobum Balfurium, prætorem Deidonanum æquissimum, prudentia, vitæ integritate illustrem, sub hoc cippo, sepeliri nosces. Ad annum 73, vixit, mense Decembris decessit 1686. Jonetam Kinneries,

dilectam conjugem, virtute summa & probitate insignem, hic contumulari cernes; quæ obiit mense Octob. 1685. Anno ætatis suæ 74.

Prætorem insignem tumulari hoc marmore nosces,

Æquum ac ingenuum, judicioque gravem,

Conjuge cum chara ; gravitasque modestia cujus

Vitam condecorat, sobrietasque decor.

Spe, meritis Christi, clauserunt lumina morte ;

In cœlis, queis sunt gudia, vera quies.

You shall know, reader, that James Balfour, a most just Baillie of dundee,

illustrious for prudence and intergrity of life, is buried under this grave-stone:

He lived and died as above. You shall also know, that Jonet Kinneries, his beloved spouse,

notable for eminent virtue and goodness, also buried here; who died as above.

A famous baillie lies beneath this stone,

For justice, judgement, ingenuity, known;

With his dear wife: whose modesty and grace,

Sobri`ty, virtue, in her life took place:

In Christs great merits both did shut their eyed,

And now in heav`n possess eternal joys.