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 Stone No. 1459




Jacobus Fraserius vir domi forisque clarus, & de popularibus optime meritus, parentibus & affinibus,

pro reconditorio suo, hoc erigendum curavit.

Jacobi Fraserii, viri clarissimi, elogium.

Annosam matrem cura qui perpete fovit :

Defuncto hunc patri constituit tumulum ;

Germanos opibus juvit, charasque sorores ;

Anchora cognatis, portus & aura suis ;

Qui captivorum sortem miseratus iniquam,

Eripuit duro languida colla jugo.

Christicolas inter Turcasque interpres timuit

Usu multiplici rerum, virtute & honore,

Divitiis, priscos nobilitavit avos.




James Fraser, a man famous at home and abroad,

and very well deserving of his countrymen, caused to erect

this monument for a burial-place to his parents and kindred.

His elogie.

His aged mother found his constant care,

To`s deceast sire he built this tomb to fair ;

Sisters and brethren his wealth did supply,

A stay and help to kinsfolks misery;

Of captives saddest case, he pity took,

And from their necks the wreath of bondage broke;

'Mongst Christians and Turks, a midsman square,

Whom th' godly lov'd, barbarians did fear.

By wealth, experience, virtue, honour, he

Nobilitate his ancient pedegree.