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 Stone No. 1460




Exangue corpus & cassum anima tegit hie lapis Jacobi Smythaei, mercaturam Taoduni facientis; qui, in hac senescentis mundi colluvie, suis concivibus rarissimo praeluxit exemplo divini, humani civilisque cultus: nec minore studio aliorum quam sui ipsius commoda procurabat. Obiit 27 Novembris, 1640.

Expleto jam anno aetatis suae quinquagesimo, incolumi inter homines fama, migravit ad coelum; reliquit in terris fidissimam pientissimamque, conjugem Elisabetham Wright, duos filios, unam filiam, cum bona spe adhuc superstites. Sepultus, omnibus cippum hunc intuentibus, proclamat, dum licet, vivite Deo; ut cum Deo felices Eeternum vivatis.

Hie jacet & uxor pientissima Elisabetha Wright; quae, postquam vidua annos prope 33, in vigiliis, jejuniis, precibus, Eleemosynis, omnibusque officiis Christianis (nec sine variis hujus vitae afflictibus) vixisset, redemptori spiritum alacriter reddidit 9 die Julii, anno Dom. 1673. iEtatis suee 71




This stone covers the dead and lifeless body of James Smyth merchant at Dundee; who, amidst the pollutions of this declining world, was a most noble pattern to his fellow citizens, of all duty, divine, humane and civil: and who equally studied the benefit of others as his own. He died, as above.

Having lived, to the 50th year of his age, in good reputation among men, he removed into heav'n; leaving on earth his most faithful and most pious wife Elisabeth Wright, with two sons and one daughter, very hopeful, yet alive. Being huried he loudly cries to all who look upon this grave-stone, while time is, live to the Lord, that ye may live happy with him to eternity.

Here also lies his most beloved spouse the said Elisabeth Wright; who, after she had lived a widow, near 33 years, in watchings, fastings, prayers, almsgivings and other christian duties (not without several afflictions of this life) she cheerfully resigned her soul to her redeemer. As above.