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 Stone No. 1469




Stay passenger—no more for marvels seek,

Among thir many monuments of death;

For here a demi-Scot, a demi-Greek

Doth lie, to whom the Cretan isle gave breath.

And is not (this) a wonder, is it not?

Her birth and burial to be so remote.

So falls by winter blasts, a virgin rose;

For blotless, spotless, blameless did she die:

As many virtues nature did disclose

In her, as oft in greatest age we see.

Ne're Jason glor'd more in the golden fleece, K.B. Than her brave sire, in bringing her from Greece.

Captain Alexander Baxter, burgess in caused make this monument for his daughter Katharine Baxter, who departed 20 March, 1632. Her age 17.