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 Stone No. 1479




Hic situs est Gulielmus Hunter mercator, & ejus uxor Margareta Zeman, pietatis & probitatis exemplum geminum; quum annos 53 conjugali vinculo feliciter transegissent, fatis tandem concesserunt: ille prior & mortis viam uxori praetentans anno Dom. 1610. Haec viri sui vestigia, post aliquot annos, insecuta.

(The rest broken upon the stone.)

Male vivit, qui nesciet bene mori. Non frustra nascitur, qui bene moritur; nec inutiliter vixit, qui feliciter desiit . Mori, tota vita discendnm; hoc praegratum ex vitae officiis est .

Here lies William Hunter merchant and his wife Margaret Zeman, a double pattern of piety and goodness: when they had lived happily 53 years together in marriage, they at length departed; he first ushering the way of death to his wife in the year 1610. And she, after some years, followed her husband's footsteps.