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 Stone No. 1471




Sub hoc lapide,in Domino quiescit Patricius Pouraus, vir inter pistores hujus urbis doli expers, pietate & morum candore eximius; cum 13 lustra peregisset, relictis officiosa conjuge Catharina Watson, duobus filiis ae totidem filiabus, inoffensae vita metam transiliit, ad Deum & ccelites 8 Cal. Januarii 1640.

Ardent dum faculae, sensim dum sidit arena,

Fac bene: post frustra pcenituisse velis.

Under this stone, rests in the Lord, Patrick Pourie, Baxter in this burgh; a man free from guile and notable for godliness and honesty: when he had lived sixty five years, leaving his virtuous wife Katharine Watson, with two sons and as many daughters, from the end of a blameless life, he removed to God and the saints, upon the 25 December 1639

While fire and sand thee serve, do well, I pray;

Too late thou wilt repent of thy delay.