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 Stone No. 1475



Mr. THOMAS MAULE's Monument

Desideratissimo suo per annos 26 in matrimonio compari, magistro Thomae Maule doctori medico, insigniter felici; de summis juxta ac infimis in hac urbe & tota ejus vicinia, etiam de compluribus vitae nobilitatis viris, optime merito; latine, greece, gallice scienti, astronomic praiceptishaudleviterimbuto: pietatis in Deum, justitiee in proximum, eximio cultori.

To her most lamented mate, for the space of 26 years in marriage Mr. Thomas Maule notably happy and very well deserving from the highest as well as the lowest, in this town and the whole vicinage; also of very many excellent men; skilful in the Latine, Greek and French languages; considerably versed in astronomy and a notable practiser of piety toward God, and righteousness toward his neighbour.