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 Stone No. 1477




Jacet sub hoc marmore reconditus D. Thomas Watson, quondam unus ex praetoribus Deidonanis; vir in Deum principem, patriam, proximum, pins, fidus, amicus, benignus. Obiit 4to die mensis Februarii anno 1688. yEtetis suae 74.

In dubio est, vivatne an sit defunctus Watsonus;

Clauditur hoc ejus pars minor in tumulo. Pars melior ccelum lustrat, terrasque reliquit;

Pars melior vivit, pars minor interiit.

Under this stone lies Thomas Watson, sometime one of the baillies of Dundee; a man holy towards God, loyal toward his prince; friendly to his country, and bountiful to his neighbours; who died as above. Doubtful, if Watson die or live; here lies His lesser part, his better mounts the skies; His better part enjoys eternal light, His lesser part is dead and out of sight.