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Inscription AC Lamb/ Thomson

On the North side of the gate, Andrew Mureson and Margaret Ramsay his wife, 1629.


"Stay trav`ler, notice who entomb`d heir lyes-

On that was verteous, Chest, and very wyse,

Good to the poor, still liv`d a godly lyfe.

Both first and last, since she becam a wyfe.

To quarell death for hir Chang uer but vain,

For death spares nather godly nor prophane ;

To say she`s changed, tuar but a foolish storie,

If not to live eternalie in Glorie." 



Collection of Epitaphs and Monumental Inscriptions Chiefly in Scotland 1834 (R Montieth)



Margaret Ramsay, spouse to Andrew Mareson, departed 26 May 1666. Her age

Stay trav'ller; notice, who entomb'd here lyes,
One that was virt'ous, chaste, and very wise;
Good to the poor; still liv'd a godly life,
Both first and last, since she became a wife.
To quarrel death, for her change, were but vain,
For death spares neither godly nor profane ;
To say she's chang'd were but a foolish story,
If not to live eternally in glory.

Claimant: James Scott, Commercial Bank a relative of the Mureson family

Source:Register of Tombs and Monuments in Dundee Burial Ground, 1832.