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 Stone No.1301



 Thomas Colville

Many years letter press printer

In Dundee

who departed this life

12th august 1819

Also of

Margaret Brown

his wife

who died 13th May 1831

one of their sons raised this stone



remainder eroded.

_____________ with the patriarch's joy,

Thy call I follow to the land unknown;

I trust in thee, and know in whom I trust;

Or life, or death, is equal; neither weighs,

All weight in this, O let me live in thee.


Formerly a mark with the initials but now a monument.


Source: The Book of the Howff, ©Libraries, Leisure and Culture Dundee, Local History Centre & is reproduced with kind permission.

THOMAS COLVILLE was for many years the only printer in Dundee ; and in the course of a long life, he made repeated efforts to arouse the literary spirit of his townsmen. About the year 1777, he commenced a periodical publication, somewhat of the nature of its contemporary, the Edinburgh Weekly Amusement ; but for want of support, it had but a very brief existence. Copies of this publication are now exceedingly scarce. Towards the close of last century, he published a work entitled the Dundee Repository, which was in duodecimo, and extended to two volumes. In Jan. 1799, he commenced to print and publish the Dundee Magazine and Journal of the Times. This publication was issued monthly, and contained a variety of curious and amusing articles. Some four or five volumes of this work were issued, each volume containing about 700 pages. Mr Colville has also the merit of having established a newspaper in the town the Dundee Mercury, the printing and publishing of which he commenced in 1805. It was issued on Wednesdays, price sixpence, and its publication was continued until about 1812, when it gave way before its more successful rival, the Dundee Advertiser, which had been in the field several years previous to the appearance of the Mercury. The last effort of this nature that Mr Colville made was in 1816, in which year another Dundee Magazine appeared. This publication extended to twelve monthly numbers, making one octavo volume ; but it died at the end of the year. Correctly speaking, this magazine was conducted by one of his sons Mr Alexander Colville, a partner of the firm, and who superintended the whole of their business, age having incapacitated Mr Colville for bestowing his usual attention, although constantly in the office so long as health permitted him. He died August 22, 1819.

Source 4


Claimant: Heirs of Thomas Colville, formally a mark with the initials but now a monument erected 1834.

Source:Register of Tombs and Monuments in Dundee Burial Ground, 1832