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Mariner Dundee

and MARY BURNS his spouse

in memory of their children viz

JEAN died 1st May 1800 aged 14 months


died 28th June 1806 aged 16 months

also his father in law

DAVID BURNS died 28th Jan 1816

aged 81 years

and also their son JOHN

who was drowned off Anstruther

the 28th October 1826 aged 26 year

and was found 12th December & interred here.

likewise their son DAVID who died 1st

March 1828 aged 30 years. also of

their son PETER who was drowned

in the brig Scotia at the mouth of the

River Tay on the 21st September 1830

aged 20 years

also the above MARY BURNS died

4th May 1834 aged 66 years


On the death of a believer
All day, my God to thee I cry
yet am not heard by thee:
And in the season of the night
I cannot silent be.
I leave the world without a tear
save for the friends I held dear
To heal their farrows Lord defend
And to the friendless prove a friend