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Stone rubbing from the Wedderburn Book.



“W. D: K. V: Hic dormit honorabilis vir, Gulielmus Duncane, medicus, civis de Dunde, qui obiit die Maii mensis, anno 1608, oextatis suoe 52.”

[Here sleeps an honourable man, WILLIAM DUNCAN, Physician and Citizen of Dundee, who died of May in the year 1608, and of his age 52.]

“Heir lies aleswae ane godlie honorabil voman, Katerin Yedderburne, spous to Villiame Dvncane, who departit this lyif ye day of 160 .

Discite ab exemplo mortales discite nostro.

[See and learn from our example, o mortals, that ye are mortal.]

Mors sola fatetur quantula sunt hominuin corpuscula.

[Death alone shows how contemptible are the bodies of men.]"


1821 Revised by JAMES MILN of Hawkhill.

Monteith's An Theater Of Mortality

Hic dormit honorabilis vir Gulielmus Duncan medicus,
civis de Dundee; qui obiit mense Maii 1608. Ætatis
suæ 52. Sive vivimus, sive morimur, Domini sumus ;
Domino vivendum & moriendum est . Here also lyes
ane godly and honourable woman, Katharine Wedder-
burn, spouse to William Duncan, who departed in the
year 1608. Discite ab exemplo, mortales discite nostro
Mors sola fatetur
Quantula sint hominum corpuscula ...
Here lies an honourable man, William Duncan, physician
and citizen of Dundee, who died as above. Whether
we live, or whether we die, we are the Lord's;
therefore we ought both to live and to die in the Lord.
Mortals, by our example, learn and see,
That yon are deadly, and must surely die.

KATHERINE WEDDERBURNE, was the sister of SIR ALEXANDER WEDDERBURNE, first Baron of Kingenny

Source:Eminent Burgesses of Dundee - A.H. Millar 1887

Claimant: Family of Miln of Woodhill.

Source:Register of Tombs and Monuments in Dundee Burial Ground, 1832