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Inscription from Monteith's An Theater Of Mortality

Hic dormit Rogerus Melvinius, civis Deidonanus,
ecclesiæ & reipublicæ studiosus. Obiit 28, Juuii 1593.
Ætatis suæ 59.
Disco res ; inopes, dubii, ægri, quærite, qui vos
Conciliet, juvet, expediat, soletur, in urbe;
Eloquio, re, consilio, ratione, paratus.
Mutata studiis animi si sorte vacasset;
Vicisset fratres, fratrum prolemque suam:
Omnibus omnia eras; ægris solamen, egenis
Res, pax dissidiis, consilium dubiis.

Here lies Roger Melvill, citizen of Dundee; a well-
wisher to the church and commonwealth,

who died 28th June in the year 1593, and of his age 59.
Ye poor and needy, sickly, doubtful, see,
Your counsel, aid, and comfort who will be;
With reason, judgment, wealth, and eloquence,
To stand up ready in your just defence.
Changing his lot, to learning had he been
Inclin'd, the world very soon had seen
Him far beyond his brethren and their race,
Or yet his own fair children on the place.
To all men all things thou; to th' sick and poor,
Comfort and help ; to discords, peace most sure.


Representatives of Late William Ogilvie, Druggist.

Source:Register of Tombs and Monuments in Dundee Burial Ground, 1832