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1760 Alex Ramsay, maltman, Burges, Dundee

Claimant: John Thain Esq, Merchant, Park Place.

Illegible in 1980.

Here lyeth interred the bodies of Alex Ramsay, maltman burgis in Dundee and his spouse Marian Gourlay by whom he had thirteen children seven of which viz Katherine, Robert, Alexander, David, Margaret, Barbara and Isabell are here also interred. The father died in the year 1736 in the 66 year of his age and the mother in the year 1742 aged 72 years.

The man who much has suffered much will know. And pleased remembrance builds delight in woe.

What was mortal of Mrs Eliz Ramsay where interred, she died July the 4th 1761 aged 59 years.

Addtional text in Latin, translated below.

Source:Register of Tombs and Monuments in Dundee Burial Ground, 1832

To Alexander Ramsay and Marion Gourlay, his well deserving parents, John Ramsay, formerly commander of a ship, placed this monument, recognising with grateful mind the goodness of God, the greatest and best, who delivered him from innumerable dangers, and unexpectedly freed him from the greatest difficulties, and at length brought him back safe to his native country, that, among other things, he might be able to pay the debt of gratitude to his dearest parents.

The man who much has suffered, much will know,

And pleas'd Remembrance builds delight in woe,

What was mortal of Mrs Elizabeth Ramsay is here interred, she died July the 4th 1761, aged 59 years

She honour'd, as she bore, the Christian name,

Her closest nourish'd her celestial flame;

Her social hours with social pleasance flew,

The love no art, no guilt the pleasure knew;

Ma? cloaded virtue shone through all her life,

The blameless virgin, and the faithful wife.

Long she endur'd afflictions sharpest pains,

But turn'd her crosses into heavenly gains;

All this her husband witness'd, this exprest,

To live her life, and die forever blest.

Source: The Book of the Howff, ©Libraries, Leisure and Culture Dundee, Local History Centre & is reproduced with kind permission.