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Frederick Forbes

Shipmaster Dundee

in memory of

Jean Scott his spouse

who died on the 15th May 1839

aged 41 1/2 years

Beloved in life, lamented in death

and their son Alexander

who died 29th November 1826

aged 4 1/2 years

Also her mother

Elizabeth Willox

who died 29th November 1834

aged 66 years

Likewise their son

Peter Forbes

Teacher, South Shields

who died on the 22nd May 1847

aged 27 years and was interred

in North Shields Cemetery

The above named

Frederick Forbes

died 31st January 1850

aged 64 years and 8 months

Janet Fairweather
Second wife of
Frederick Forbes
Died 16th August 1849
Aged 44 years