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Inscription. AC Lamb/ Thomson

Tombstone of Walteir Cooper, Tailzour, 1628.


"Kynd Comarads, heir Coopars corps is layd,

Walteir by name, a Tailzour of his trayde ;

Bothe Kynd, and trezv, and stvt, and honest hartit,

Condol with me that he so soon departit ;

For I avow, he never weyld a sheir,

Haid beter pairts nor he that`s borid heir."

Kynd Comarads, heir Covpars corps is layd,

Walter by name, a Tailzovr of his trayde;

Bothe kynd, and trezv, and styt, and open ha tit,

Condol vith me that he set sone departit;

For I avow he never veyld a sheir

Haid beter pairts nor he thats bvrid heir.

Walteir Covper, he deit 25 Desem. 1628, his age 52. Janet Mortimer his wyf.

Source: Thomson.

Claimant: Dr John Crichton, Dundee

Source:Register of Tombs and Monuments in Dundee Burial Ground, 1832