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By WILLIAM CURR merchant Dundee

and CHRISTIAN ROBSON his spouse

in memory of

ANDREW CURR their only child

who died March 2nd 1847

in the ninetienth year of his age

also in memory of


sister of WILLIAM CURR

who died March 17th 1812 aged 24 years

ANDREW CURR his father

who died Feb 16th 1821 aged 70 years

and MARY STEILL his mother

who died March 27th 1836 aged 79 years

also in memory of

WILLIAM CURR merchant Dundee

who died 26th June 1859 aged 69 years

and of CHRISTIAN ROBSON his spouse

who died 28th Dec 1878 aged 81 years

The name of WILLIAM CURR is made memorable in Dundee through the munificent bequests which he and his widow made to the poor in the Burgh. He was born in 1790, and settled in Dundee, where he established himself in business as a grocer in the Overgait, and, by prudence and frugality, made a considerable fortune. For a long time he took an interest in the Guildry, and held the office of Dean of Guild from 1846 till 1849. Ten years after the latter date he died, and his widow, who long survived him, left about £40,000 under trustees to be applied to various charitable institutions in Dundee. One of the objects which the Trustees deemed most likely to serve the purpose intended was the foundation of the institution known as the "Curr Night Refuge," which was opened in 1882.

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