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By JOHN WHITTET Baker Dundee

Sacred to the memory

of his father DAVID WHITTET who

died the 22nd day of december 1771 aged

63 years & JANET BOYD his mother

who died the 20th day of October 1786

aged 73 years, also MARGARET HILL

his spouse who died the 2nd day of

February 1796 aged 42 years. Together

with seven of their children viz 3 sons

& 4 daughters all interred here before

the year 1799

also his son PETER WHITTET

who died 2nd May 1815 aged 30 years

and CHARLES who died 13th Dec

1820 aged 31 years

Likewise ROBERT who died 13th Nov

1820 aged 47 years

and EUPHEMIA who died 17th October

1828 aged 36 years


above ROBERT WHITTET died 4th Dec 1836

aged 48 years


Our flesh shall rest in hope for
as in Adam all die so in Christ
shall all be made alive.

Here lies also
Margaret Smith, spouse of
John Whittet
designed on the other side hereof
aged 76 years and the said
John Whittet
Who died the 2nd day of January 1830
Aged 77 years
Also Elizabeth Playfair
Wife of the aforesaid
Robert Whittet
Who died on the 4th December 1836
Aged 48 years



Claimant: Heirs of John Whittet senior, Baker.

Source:Register of Tombs and Monuments in Dundee Burial Ground, 1832