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George Thoms

shipmaster Dundee and

Janet Anderson

his spouse

in memory of their daughter

Janet Thoms

who died 15th May 1819

aged 11 months and

Janet Anderson Thoms

who died 28th June 1828

aged 4 years

also interred here the above

George Thoms

who died 1st June 1834

aged 48 years

and their daughter Jane

who died 17th July 1841

aged 21 years

Their son William

died died at Laguna 6th August 1843

aged 26 years

Also the above

Janet Anderson

who died 28th Decr 1849

Aged 62 years.





Sacred to

the memory of their first son

George Thoms

Master Mariner

who died at sea on the 17th January 1862

aged 47 years