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 Near this stone

rest the bodies of

Mary Marr

daughter of the late

George Mark

Minister of the Gospel at Murroes

who died 1st January 1836

aged 79 years

and his sister

Ann Marr

spouse of the late

Alexander Watt merchant in Dundee

who died 4th August 1846

aged 64 years

also the body of

Elizabeth Walker spouse of

James Miln architect

who died in the year ___ aged 46

Sacred to the memory of
James Miln
Writer in Dundee
Only son of
David Miln Banker
He died 4th March 1837
Aged 26 years

Claimant: James Milne, builder, Nethergate.

A fragment from the original monument at this position which is now near the West wall.

?? the year of the Lord ?

 ? he returned to Dundee

in 1797 trusting that the

trials of faith and

would be ??

and glory at the ?

?? Christ.

The full inscription follows:-

Here lieth interred Martha, Daughter of Samuel Lees late of Willowhall merchant in the Parish of Halifax, Yorkshire. Died Decr 30th 1774 aged 21 years. Also the Rev'd James Thomson Clergyman in the Cross Kirk from 1761 to 1785. He was born in Falkirk in 1730. Married in 1763 to Jane Chapman of Lancashire his faithful partner from that time in a trying life. Having laboured some time in the Lords work in America, he returned to Dundee where he died in 1797 trusting that the many trials of his faith and patience would be found unto praise and glory at the appearance of Jesus Christ.

Source:Register of Tombs and Monuments in Dundee Burial Ground, 1832