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1684 By Walter Robertson, mason
Revised by James Downie, flaxdresser.

Hir lyis an honest man Walter Robertsone meassone and burges in Dundie who departit this life upon the 2 day of Juni 1684 years and who lived with Helen Parke in the holy band of marrig 23 years and of his age 46 years

Source:Register of Tombs and Monuments in Dundee Burial Ground, 1832

Additional Note.

This stone was erected by Walter Robertson succeeded to by William Robertson son of the above succeeded by Margaret Robertson daughter of the above William Robertson succeeded to by Lilly Orem daughter of the above Margaret Robertson and mother of the deceased. Now ready for burial.
John Willson. John Miln, witness.

Line of succession by the other relations
Margaret Orem youngest daughter of the above Margaret Robertson, Mary Abercromby daughter of Margaret Orem and spouse to the late James Downie.
John A Willson. John Miln, witness