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Stone No.970


Carries 970-2. Listed as 970 in MI listings.



Badly eroded flat stone

Here lys David Tendall Baker, Burges of this burgh who departed this life the 13 day of December 1694 aged XX years.

What man is he that liveth here

And death shall never see

Or from the power of the grave

What man his soul shall free.

Revised in 1834 by William, James and David Sime.

Burial place of Tindals, 1591, 1600, 1694. The Tindals were the principal bakers in Dundee for upwards of 200 years, and heald the office of Deacon of the Bakers for several generations. Tindal`s Wynd, High Street, receives its name from David Tindal, who died December 1591

Revised by William, James and David Sime in 1834 (revisal dues paid 22 July 1834)

Source:Register of Tombs and Monuments in Dundee Burial Ground, 1832