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 Stone No.81


Inscription. AC Lamb

 In front of No. 6, a blue slab in memory of Alexander Forrester of Milnhill.

Inscription in Italian current hand. date 1715

Marble stone on six pillars, latin inscription.

Claimant: Heirs of Forrester

1852 Oct 7, revisal dues paid by James Strachan Esq for permission to him to repair Nos 80 & 81, but without prejudice to the claims of any other persons who may have right to said stone.

Source:Register of Tombs and Monuments in Dundee Burial Ground, 1832


Hic requiescit quod mortale fuit M. Alex. Forrester de Milnhill
qualis fuerit qui scire velit haec pro verissimis accipiat pietate
in Deum caritate in patriam comitate in amicos et benevolentia
in omnes eximiam fuisse virtutes que has eruditione multifaria
cumulavisse quo minus autem haec satis ducerent in causa fuisse
modestiam longe nimiam Mortem obiit mense Oct. 1715, aetatis
49. Jussu et impensis Marthae et Magdalenae Forrester
sororum ejus hic memoram extructum est hoc monumentum.

Source:The Book of Record, Earl of Strathmore.


Here rests what was mortal of Mr Alexander Forrester of Milnhill. He who wishes to

know what sort of man he was, let him receive this as most true:友or piety towards God, love to

his country, gentleness to his friends, and benevolence to all, he was illustrious. These virtues

were accompanied with varied learning, but they were the less appreciated on account of his

modesty. He died in the month of October, 1615, aged 49. At the order and expense of Martha

and Magdalene Forrester, his sisters, this monument was erected to his memory.

Under this stone, also, are buried the ashes of an excellent man, John Forrester of Milnhill, who

succeeded to the paternal estate of his brother, the foresaid Alexander, who died unmarried. He

took to wife Isabella, daughter of Henry Crawford of Monorgan, by whom

he had a daughter, Isabella, who was married to Thomas Crichton of Ruthven, and along with him

possessed the estate of Milnhill by hereditary right. His first wife being dead, he married Margery,

daughter of John Grahame, merchant, and formerly Bailie of this Burgh............surviving. He died

the first day of the ides of February......., aged 70.

Source: Thomson.