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 Stone No.839/2





To the memory of


daughter of the late


H.E.I.C. Service

who died at Rothesay

on the 2nd of May 1854

and of his son


or DUDHOPE who died

on the 23rd May 1862

and of his widow


who died 30th August 1866

in her 92nd year.

1855 April 14 revisal dues paid by Richard Gardner Esq of Dudhope for liberty to him to erect a headstone (839-2) on the burying space No.839 which belongs to the family of Rankine of Dudhope besides the stone already lying on the said space in terms of minute of the Hospital Committee 25 July 1834, who without prejudice to the rights of others.


Dundee Advertiser, Wednesday, June 4, 1862.

Funeral of the Late Richard Gardner, Esq, of Dudhope.

Yesterday, the mortal remains of this gentleman were consigned to their last resting place in the Old Burying Ground, Dundee, when, from the unusual circumstance of a burial in the "Howff", a large number of people collected outside the gates. The interment was by special permission of the Home Secretary, on a representation made by Mr Gardner at the time the "Howff" was closed, and the conditions required were, "that the ground be opened without disturbing the soil that has already been buried into, and that the coffin be embedded in a layer of charcoal four inches at least, in thickness, and separately entombed, in brick or stonework, cemented in an airtight manner." These conditions were complied with to the letter, Mr Caird, builder, having constructed the tomb of brick, joined with Roman cement, on a bed of stone. In the bottom was a layer of powdered charcoal of the required thickness, and a clear space of four inches was left on each side and at the top of the coffin, into which the charcoal was afterwards poured, and covered with a slab of stone. The funeral cortege reached the grave at about ten minutes before two o'clock ; and amoung the mourners we observed Major Reginald Ogilvy of Baldovan ; Colonel Kinloch of Kilrie ; George Kinloch, Esq. of Kinloch ; Charles Guthrie Esq. of Taybank ; David Hunter, Esq. of Blackness ; C.W. Boase, Esq., Balgay ; John Symers, Esq., St Helen's ; James Neish, Esq. of Laws ; John Lyell, Esq. of Shiellhill ; George Duncan, Esq., The Vine ; Frances Molison, Esq. of Mayfield ; Patrick Anderson, Esq. ; John Sturrock, senior, Esq. ; Robert Cocks, Esq., M.D. ; Thomas Thow, Esq., writer ; the Rev. R. R. Lingard ; and the Rev. William Stewart, of Dudhope Church. The butler and servants also followed their master's remains. No funeral service was celebrated at the grave.

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Dundee Courier, Friday 7 September 1866

Funeral of Mrs Gardner

The remains of this estimable lady, who died at Dudhope House on the 30th of August last, were interred in the Howff yesterday. A good deal of curiosity was manifested by
the unwonted spectacle of a burial taking place in this old cemetery, which has now been closed for a good many years. We may state that when this burying ground was closed
to the public the rights of the family of Dudhope to their ground were preserved intact. The deceased lady, by the quiet and unobtrusive manner in which she manifested her
generosity, was very seldom brought before the public notice, but her memory will continue to be cherished with the deepest respect by the numerous recipients of her kindness
in this district. The local charities will also miss a kind friend in Mrs Gardner, especially the institution for the education of the deaf and dumb, in the welfare of which
she always took a deep interest. The deceased lady reached her ninety-fourth year.

The Dundee Advertiser, Friday, September 7, 1866

The last interment in the Howff.

It will be remembered that when the Howff was closed some years ago a special application was made to the Secretary of State to sanction the re-opening of the Dudhope family
burying ground whenever required for the interment of Mr Gardner, and of his mother, Mrs Gardner. Mr Gardner's decease occurred some time since, and the other day we recorded
that of Mrs Gardner, whose remains were yesterday entombed by the side of those of her son. So far as we are aware, this is the last interment that can take place in the
Howff under the order by which it was closed.

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