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Stone No.814




John Crichton is just visible.

Sacred to Virtue and to the memory of Mr Patrick Crichton, Bachelor, Writer in Dundee,

who died the xvnth day of July mdcclxxxviii, aged lxxv years.

To pass thro' life with honest praise and fame,

To earn a fortue, yet maintain a name,

To guide all actions by the rule of right,

To love our God with all our strength and might,

To give, bequeath, and yet no faults be found,

To die in peace with conscience clear and sound,

To pay to man what to each man is due,ó

Such is the blessed lot of very few ;

But this, by grace, attained he that's gone,

Whose dust doth rest in hope beneath this stone.

Reader, revere where Virtue points the road,ó The way of Virtue is the path of God

Sacred to the memory John Crichton of Bonnybank, who died 8th June, 1824, aged 86 years.

Also, Helen Crichton, who died the 12th day of April, 1838, daughter of the above John Crichton.


Source: Thomson.

1788 Mr Patrick Crichton batchelor

Claimant: Miss Crichton teacher of sewing Chapelshade

Source:Register of Tombs and Monuments in Dundee Burial Ground, 1832