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 Stone No.816



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THOMAS LYELL skipper in Dundee eminent for his piety, his loyalty to his king & love to his fellow citizens

died 18th Dec 1678 aged 43 years, Erected by his spouse.


Revised by JOHN WILSON Ship-master Dundee

 Covering stone of sarcophagus, Thomas Lyell, 1678.


"per vigil hic rector recubat sub marmore claro

Saepe tulit rapido carbasa tuta salo

Nani virtute netins candore et acumine praestans

Judicii pulchra haec sunt monumenta tui

Confissuo Domino ventosqui regit et undas

Spe plena ac solida qua sine labe fido

Hanc molem extruxit thalami suavissima conjunx

Sinceri haec animi favilla sui."

Monteith's An Theater Of Mortality

Hic dormit in Domino Thomas Lyallus, nauclerus
Deidonensis peritissimns; insigni in Deum pietate ac
fide, erga concives charitate conspicuus: qui ex ergastulo
corporis emigravit 18 Decemb. anno Dom. 1678. .Ætatis
suæ 43.
Pervigil hic rector recubat sub marmore claro,
Sæpe tulit rapido carbasa tuta salo:
Nam virtute nitens, candore & acumine prastans
Judicii; pulchra hæc sunt monumenta tui
Confisus Domino, ventos qui regit & undas,
Spe plena ac solida, qua sine labe fide.
Hanc molem extruxit thalami suavissima conjunx;
Sinceri hæc animi viva favilla sui.

Here rests in the Lord Thomas Lyell, a most skilful

skipper faith towards God and love to his fellow-citizens: who
removed, from the prison of the body, as above.
Under this stone a watchful skipper lies,
Who often sailed safe in boist'rous seas ;
His virtue, candour, and ingenuous wit
Are certainly his monument most fit:
Trusting in God, who rules the waves and wind,
He was upheld; by solid hope of mind.
His dearest wife rear'd up this marble fair
In testimony of her love sincere.