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Stone No.80




Anno Domini 1834 this tomb

with the one southward (85)

were repaired by JAMES

the only surviving son of


kinsman and heir to the late


of Forrester

(Tomb is badly eroded) 

1810 Right Rev John Strachan, Bishop of Brechin.

Claimant: Heirs of Forrester

1852 Oct 7, revisal dues paid by James Strachan Esq for permission to him to repair Nos 80 & 81, but without prejudice to the claims of any other persons who may have right to said stone.

Source:Register of Tombs and Monuments in Dundee Burial Ground, 1832

Collection of Epitaphs and Monumental Inscriptions Chiefly in Scotland 1834 (R Montieth)

Here is interred George Forrester, Dean of gild of
Dundee, who departed this life 3 Januarii 1675. and of
his age 40 years.
Forresterus consul Taoduni, flore juventæ
Surreptus subito, conditur hoc tumulo;
Integer, exornans Spartam, pietatis amator,
Præluxit cunctis & decus urbis erat:
Exemplar vitæ nobis insigne reliquit.
Exemplar, lector, nobile disce sequi.
Dundee's great counsel, Forrester here lies,
Snatched away, in flow'r of youthful days;
Upright and faithful, holy, just and good:
To town and country ornament he stood;
Of a good life, a pattern he ; so thou
Reader take heed his footsteps to pursue.




Sarcophagus of George Forrester, Dean of Guild of "Downdie," 1675. Revised by Right Rev. John Strachan, Bishop of Brechin, who died in 1810, and is interred here.