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This is a section of the Development Plan for Dundee, showing the central area.
The whole idea sprang from a laudable desire to open up the Overgate and get rid of derelict property in the street and also the island site in High Street.
A wide, attractive Overgate was visualised fronting High Street, and definite steps have already been taken to permit of an early start being made.
Now the redevelopment plan would reduce the Overgate to a footway only, closed in again by more buildings on the island site.
A shopping centre and business premises to which entry of vehicular, traffic is prohibited is to be created.
Keiller's factory is to become a shopping centre with entry through pends.
The spacious High School playground, so essentially part of the school, is lopped and made useless. Euclid Street is blocked up, sealing the exits for the post office and newspaper traffic.
Offices are to be built in the Howff.
The line of the new Ring Road is shown beginning at Tay Wynd, crossing Ward Road, cutting through the Police H.Q. and the fire station, across Bell Street, the the cemetery.
South Lindsay Street remains as a cul-de-sac only.


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