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History of the Howff
To the Editor of the Dundee Advertiser.
Sir,- With reference to the communication in your paper on Tuesday, signed C.C.M., I read with some surprise a paragraph in which he states that the stone No.355, and bearing date 1042, is a gross imposition, &c. Now I have only to say that although I do not accuse C.C.M. of wishing to pervert the truth, I still must say, that to use his own expression, a gross imposition has been put upon him. The real facts of the case are as follows; the stone in question marked the burial place of the family of Wemyss in the old St Clement's Churchyard ; when that closed up, and what now constitutes the Howff was opened as a burying ground, the stone was transferred from the former to the latter, and ground allotted to the family in lieu of what had been taken from them, which ground the stone has marked ever since. Of course the letters have been revised to preserve them, but still it is the original inscription. There are people still alive who saw my great-grandfather, John Wemyss, buried, towards the end of the last century, when the stone stood as usual. So much for the accuracy of C.C.M., for I do not suppose he got much information from Mr Thompson's History of Dundee. Of course, it is not necessary for me to bring forward proof from public records.-I am, &c. Robt. Jobson. 


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