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Stone No.41



Stone used as foundation.


This stone__________
By David_________
Son To Ja_______
Their D_______
of his mother____
P__tullo n___


James Saunders
Burnside Street Lochee
and his wife
Mary Boyack
in memory of
Their beloved children
Maggie who died Sepr 12th 1858
Aged 5 years & 8 months
James who died Jan 21 1881
Aged 5 years & 9 months
Also his father
William Saunders
Who died Novr 20th 1856
Aged 65 years
And Barbara Ross his mother
Who died Feb 9th 1869
Aged 75 years
Also Allan Saunders his sister (sic)
Who died Oct 11th 1866
Aged 47 years
and is interred here
The above
James Saunders
Died 16th Novr 1878 aged 47 years
Also the above
Mary Boyack
Who died 5th Dec 1891 aged 62 years
Also Susan boyack
Sister of the above
Mary Boyack
Died 1895 Aged _____


Though low be the bed of their rest
and sound be their sleep in the tomb
their image enshrined in our breast
still lives in their brightness and bloom