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Stone No.49



Carpenters tools, winged cherub, symbols of mortality.

This stone was erected
by James Witton, wright
in Nin walls in memory of
his wife Elisabeth Nichol
who died Aug 1756 aged
36 years. With four of their
Children. James Whitton
John, Elisabeth, Margaret Whitton.

18 Revised 64

By Isabella & Margaret Mathew
Grand daughters of the
above James Whitton,
Margaret Matthew
Died 10th July 1871 aged 65 years
Isabella Matthew died 11th 1875 aged 73 years
Alexander Prain died 17th September
1879 in his 80th year

West Side


Child, wife and mother
dutiful in all a pattern
wonderful her grace
in life makes now her
glory sure her corps
may rott her good
name shall endure.

Alexander Matthew Wilkie died 14 Sept
1879 in 23rd year of his age.

After Death Life.