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Stone No.93




East side

James Cox of Clement Park and Cardean
Born 5th July 1808
Died 1st December 1885, aged 77
William Cox of Foggyley and Snaigow
Born 23rd February 1812
Died 7th September 1894, aged 82
Robert Crystal Cox
Born 18th December 1813
Died 2nd August 1892 aged 78
Henry Scott Cox
Born 1st April 1816
Died 10th March 1886, aged 70
Thomas Hunter Cox
of Duncarse, Maulesden, and Strathmartine
Born 13th September 1818
Died 1st January 1892, aged 74
George Addison Cox
of Beechwood and Invertrossachs
Born 27th December 1820
Died 6th May 1899 aged 78
Mrs Ellen Scott Cox or Methven
of 9 Windsor Street, Dundee
Born 27th September 1824
Died 23rd March 1893, aged 68.

Old table stone in memory of
James Cock, his wife Isobel Doig, and family
Dated 1742
Was removed from its site in front of this monument to the
Vestibule of Liff Parish Church for preservation
23rd Feb 1914

West Side

To the memory of
James Cox of Foggyley
Who died 16th July 1848, aged 72 years
And of
Helen Scott, his wife
Who died 30th Sepr 1824, aged 36 years
And of their sons
Edward Cox
Who died in 1825 aged 3 1/2 years
David Tullo Cox
Who died at sea in 1849, aged 39 years
And of their daughter
Mrs Jane Cox or McLean
Who died in 1842
John McLean her husband
Who died in 1853
Both interred in Coupar Angus church yard
And of David Methven husband of
Mrs Ellen Scott Cox or Methven
Who died in 1862 and was interred in the
Church-yard of Abbotshall Kirkcaldy
James Cox Clement Park
William Cox Foggyley and Snaigow
Robert Crystal Cox Montreal
Henry Scott Cox Eccles near Manchester
Thomas Hunter Cox Duncarse and Maulesden
George Addison Cox
Beechwood and Invertrossachs
Mrs Ellen Scott Cox or Methven
9 Windsor Street Dundee
The survivors of the family of the said
James Cox and Helen Scott