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Stone No.W1

The Clayhills burial aisle within the St Peter's Church



In loving memory of
Wife of Thomas Clayhills Henderson
of Invergowrie
Who died 26th November 1919 aged 78 years
Thomas Clayhills Henderson
Born 26th November 1835
Died 27th March 1933


In loving memory of
Captain George Clayhills D.S.O
1st Battalion East Lancashire Regiment
Fourth son of
Thomas Clayhills of Invergowrie
Killed in Action 2nd November 1914
In Belgium, North of Armentieres
At the battle of Ypres


To the revered memory of
Alexander Clayhills ESQ
of Invergowrie
Born 14th January 1796
Died 18th June 1865

____ . ____

My days are past my purposes
are broken __ even the thoughts
of my heart. 17 Job V.II

Is there not an approved time
To man upon each

Elizabeth Clayhills
Relict of Alexander Clayhills
of Invergowrie
Born 28th March 1805
Died 1st August 1879

Abide with me fast falls the eventide.


In memory of
Colonel James Menzies
Clayhills Henderson J.P.
of Hallyards
Late 93rd A & S Highlanders
and 7th Royal Fusiliers
Who was present at
The battles of Alma
And storming of Sebastopol
Third son of
Capt C.D. Clayhills Henderson
Born 29th March 1834
Died 18th March 1919
And of his wife
Eugenia Camilla
Who died 3rd October 1911
Daughter of Admiral Watts