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Erected by Barbara Dall in memory of her husband Lieut. William Richie, R.N. Commander of the ship Amazon of London who died while on his passage from India on the 12th day of June 1820 aged 46 years ,

This stone was removed from Limehouse Churchyard, London, and is erected here in loving memory of Barbara Dall who died 27th March 1845 and is interred here, also the children of the above, Robert Simpson, died 5th July 1857 aged 7 weeks, Elizabeth Dall died 24th August 1863 aged 3 years, Kenneth died 7th December 1870 aged 7 weeks, Maria Shaw died 15th March 1871 aged 4 years, Winnifred died 22nd September 1873 aged 5 weeks, Patrick Dall died 7th December 1880 aged 17 years, Agnes Wylie Simpson died 1st August 1906 aged 53 years, and William Buchan died 12th April 1889 aged 42 years.