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(10th January 1561) The kirkyard to be kept tidy, all trees and stones to be removed (Presumably this is referring to St Mary's churchyard).

(17 August 1604) Bursie, John (the elder) - Awarded the sum of 100 merks for his services to maintaining the walls of the common graveyard and the Kirk wark.

(31 May 1645) Graveyard (Sepulchre) - The whole town to assemble in the common graveyard with their arms at one o' clock on the following day, to be ready to defend the town.

(24 September 1644) Hospitalmaster Robert Guthrie appointed.

(30 September 1645) Hospitalmaster (Patrick Guthrie) to continue for the coming year.

(16 March 1646) William Duncan elected hospitalmaster as Patrick Guthrie died.

September 1684 - 1685
Personnel: Provost - Alexander Duncan
Treasurer - William Watson
Dean of Guild - Thomas Watson
Baillies - John Scott
- James Fletcher
- James Man
- James Duncan
Kirkmaster - Thomas Mundie
Hospitalmaster - David Ramsay

(2 February 1685)the graveyard dues (sepulchre grafs) sold to the Hospitalmaster for £14.

(16 February 1685) late Hospitalmaster (Andrew Allane) to pay the present Hospitalmaster £100 Scots.

(29th September, 1685) James Stewart, David Drummond, James Alisone, James Bower, on meet
(29th September, 1685) James Alisone appointed.

Council Minutes Index September 1685 - September 1686
Members:- Provost - James Fletcher
Baillies - Thomas Watson
- Thomas Moodie
- Patrick Balnoavis
- Alexander Arbuthnot
Dean of Guild - John Scott
Treasurer - David Maxwell
*Cess Collector - John Haistier
Councillor to the Guild - Alexander Blair
Collector of the Fines - James Stewart
Hospital Master - James Alisone

(4th September, 1686) David Ramsey, late Hospitalmaster, has his accounts audited.

(2nd Feb 1689) Sepulchar Grafts (Graves) sold for 15 pounds.

(1 Oct 1700) Patrick Balneaves, Hospital Master for the following year.

(10 Mar 1702) Late factor for the Hospital, whose accounts were audited and reported on.

(27 November 1705) Hospital Master James Fairweather appointed.

(18 July 1706) Mortification (Undertaker's) Shop - David Garland (wheel wright) given position in this Guthrie's mortification shop (18 July 1706).

(11 Nov 1714) Senulchar (Graveyard) - Sold to Robert Machan.


(9 Jul 1717) BURIAL GROUND - Provost Scrymgeour's ground, desires to enclose head room. Committee to view and report.

(17 Sep 1717) Duncan of Lundie wishes to enclose his ground.

(24 Jul 1716) BURIAL WYND, wardgate to be rebuilt.

(1 Oct 1745) Hospitalmaster (Robert Pitcairn) appointed.

(14 Oct 1745) Anderson, Thomas (Maltman) buys graves at the Ladywell.

(30 Sept 1746) HOSPITAL MASTER John Ballingall elected after meeting.

(30 Sept 1777) John Jobson Jr., Merchant, elected Hospital Master.

(20th May, 1790) A garden purchased for widening the burial wynd.

(29th September, 1789) Hospital Master John Cavincross appointed.


Reproduced courtesy of Dundee City Archives.