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On an English Lady.
'Mongst Scottish urns, this English matron lies.
Grave, virtuous, modest, loving, chaste, and wise ;
The Poor, the World, the Heavens, and the Grave,
Her Alms, her Fame, her Soul and Body have.

On Mr Alex. Speid.
Time flies with speed With speed Speids fled
To the Dark Regions of the dead
With Speed Consumptions Sorrows flew
And stopt Speids speed for Speid it slew
Miss Speid beheld with Frantic woe
Poor Speid with Speed turn pale as Snow
And beat her breast, and tore her hair
For Speid, Poor Speid was all her care
Lets learn of Speid with Speid to flee
From Sin since we like Speid must die.

Andrew Schippert's Monument.
Here lies an godly and honest Man Andrew Schippert,
Baxter Burgess of Dundee ; who departed this Life 13. November
1641. And of his Age 65.
Nathaniel's Heart, Bezaleel's Hand,
If ever any had
Then boldly may ye say, had he,
Who lieth in this Bed.
To his dearest Father Mr Andrew Schippert, his only Son,
Minister at the Church of Benvie, caused this Monument to
be erected.

Andrew Fletcher's Monument.
To the Memory of Andrew Fletcher, Merchant and worthy
Citizen of the Town of Dundee, in Testimony of their Affection.
Robert, Mr David and Mr John his Sons caused cut this
Monument. He died, 5. June. 1637. Of Age 71.
Thy Bones and Ashes lie beneath this Stone;
And all the Spoils, Death could triumph upon :
Thy Fame and Praise, thy Virtue cannot die,
These, upon Earth, stand Monuments of thee.

On the North Wall.
On Gilbert Quittet, Town Clerk of Forfar, who died 9th
August, 1594. *:
Hier Sleeps unto the Second Lyfe
A Faithful man to Friend and Wyfe