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The burial ground on the west side of Constitution Road was purchased by the town in 1835 and opened in 1836 as an extension to the Howff a few hundred yards away. although closed to interments before 1882, inscriptions there recorded deaths from 1883 to 1935. In 1962 it was demolished to make way for a multi-story car park and for a dual carriageway, only a few monuments on the west wall remain, and can be viewed from the remaining inscriptions link opposite.

Also available are 270 additional inscriptions which were originally recorded during the 1960 by Sydney Cramer and have been reproduced here with kind permission of Dundee City Archives.

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The image below shows how the New Howff cemetery appeared while in use ( date is unknown )

Image is reproduced with permission of Dundee City Archives. 

Image showing how the area looks today.